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A small place with a rich history in the hinterland of Crikvenica lies under the ruins of the Frankopan town and karst cliffs. From this small, picturesque place comes the most famous „Michelangelo of miniature“, Juraj Julije Klović who painted his Grižane on his own nail.

All who wish to get to know the past of this tame place can definitely visit the sights located in this area:


The remains of the walls of the Grižan castle are reminiscent of the glorious past of Grižan. The castle had the shape of an irregular quadrangle with round towers at the corners. It was the seat of the Captains, the feudal administration of the Frankopan estates in Vinodol. In 1323, when Vinodol was hit by an earthquake, the castle was damaged. The castle is located on porous soil, built along the rocky cliffs called "griže", after which the city got its name.


The ruins of a medieval hillfort built on the remains of a 4th century Roman fortification at the time of the fortification of the Liburnian Limes. According to its position, Badanj was a strong defender of Vinodol because it dominated the gorge that stretches from the sea to the heart of Vinodol. The main fortification has an ovoid base as if it were a large tower, which is probably why it was named Badanj. The sea used to reach the bottom of Badanj, so below the town there were several stone pillars to which ships were tied.


A medieval church from the 16th century built on the foundations of an older church. The church was rebuilt in the 17th century, as can be seen from the Glagolitic inscription on the lintel. The church has preserved a large number of Glagolitic inscriptions in stone. The rich inventory of the church includes a valuable main altar, a tombstone with the engraved queen of death and a large number of tombstones in Glagolitic script, as well as an extremely valuable, one of the oldest in Croatia, 17th century bellows organ.


Parish Church of St. Martin has medieval origin, as evidenced by part of the remaining church inventory and Glagolitic inscriptions on the restoration of the church in the 16th and 17th centuries. The church was completely rebuilt and expanded in 1906 and then received two side naves and signs of historicism and the Neo-Renaissance. Valuable examples of Gothic and Baroque altar equipment are kept in the church treasury.

Grižane is an ideal choice for all lovers of untouched nature, which provides a handful of opportunities for active holidays. Walks along the landscaped promenades, a visit to the numerous lookouts with an incredible view of Kvarner, cycling, paragliding are just some of the possibilities that Grižane offers.

Spend your vacation in one of the many villas from our offer and relax your mind and body in this oasis of greenery and peace.

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