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Tourist destination info Opatija

Opatija is a destination with the longest tradition of Croatian tourism, a modern tourist city located in the Kvarner Bay, rich with cultural and entertainment events. It is a leading tourist destination in Croatia for the organization of congresses, seminars and conferences. Opatija attracts tourists from all over the world for more than 160 years. The lush vegetation and a pleasant climate are the main reasons for the origins of tourism and its rapid development in this city which is called the "Pearl of the Adriatic". Visit various historical monuments and numerous churches (the church of St. James-the saint patron of Opatija, the parish church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Protestant church, the church of St. Ana, the parish church of St. Marc) and landmarks (Lungomare, old Austrian villas, villa Angiolina , St. James park, fountains Helios and Selena) which have made Opatija famous.

Enjoy the attractive sandy and pebble beaches, the most famous of which is the Slatina beach. Sports fans can enjoy the versatile sport offer. You can relax in the evening hours and take a walk through the parks and along beautiful seaside promenades, or visit one of countless restaurants and dance on their terraces, as well as savor the delicacies of this region.

Did you know? There is a statue of a girl with a seagull on the point, which symbolizes a hostess of a new type of tourism. The statue of the Madonna used to be in her place. It was placed there by the count’s family, in memory of a girl who drowned after seeing her beloved count Keddeldstadt being pulled to the depths by the raging sea. After 60 years the statue was overthrown by the strong southern wind.  The statue was moved under the tree tops, next to the St. Jacob church where the girl prays for the soul of her count.

Be sure to visit:

Angiolina Park – Villa Angiolina, the park came into existence sometime between 1845 and 1960. The park contains countless plants brought from different parts of the world. The park contains countless plants brought from different parts of the world. The Villa was built in 1844. It was once the central entertainment place of the elite and now presents a mouseum of tourism.

Lungomare (coastal promenade) – was built in stages and stretches from Preluk to Lovran and is about 12km long. The first, north part of the promenade, was finished in 1889., when Opatija became the official Health resort (the part from Drazice to the harbor was finished in 1888), the southernmost part (connecting Opatija to Lovran) in 1911, with the help of Dr. Julius Hortenau.

Church of Mary’s Annunciation - a neoromantic building with a green dome. The milestone was placed by Franjo Nagl, a bishop from Trieste, in 1906. The building continued with stones brought from 

Madonna – a statue by Rathauskog, an author from Graz, was placed at the point until the tempest knocked it over. Today the “Madonna” is set up so that it watches over the soul of count Arthur Kesselstadt, who went missing not far from the point in the waves in 1891.

Kvarner Hotel: the first hotel in Opatia, and most probably in the entire east coast of the Adriatic. It was founded in 1884, and it took only 10 months to build it. The northern part used to be the home of warm baths, which were connected to the hotel by a covered hallway. In front of the hotel there was a terrace of the “Most elegant café in the world” which was later removed from the promenade.


Liburnija Jazz Festival: according to the popularity, number of concerts and visitors, this is the largest jazz festival in Croatia. It began in Lovran and was transferred to Opatija in 2003. Every first weekend in July, Opatija lives the jazz. The goal of this festival is to introduce this type of music to people whose ears have not been accustomed to jazz yet. The artists who perform at this festival are all world famous jazz stars ((Joe Zawinul, Mike Stern, Mike Mainieri, Kenny Garrett, Medeski, Marin & Wood). Besides the summer stage concerts, the off program of the Festival, the so-called Street Jazz, takes place in seven locations in the town, from early afternoon until evening hours. The movable stage JAZZ BOAT is one of the main attractions of the Liburnia Jazz Festival. Jazz Boat is a tourist boat which sails across the Opatija Riviera providing jazz concerts, fritters and cakes.

St. Lovre Night: Opatia traditionally celebrates the night of St. Lovre – the night of shooting stars, which will erupt with fireworks at midnight. Do not miss the sight of the meteor shower on the most romantic terraces in Opatija, where the St. Lovre's tears take your breath away.

Liburnicin: Croatian conference of the science fiction fans, advance science, history and mythology. It is organized by the association „Kulturni front“from Opatija.  The conference lasts for two days in July. Young people from all over Croatia, and the world, come to Opatija to mingle. The first Liburnicon was held in 2006 and was named Abbacon.

Some of the most important happenings are the lectures held by numerous respectable scientists and professors such as dr. sc. Marijan Vejvoda, arch. Ranko Starac and Korado Korlevic. Besides the quality lectures and projections, Liburnicon offers a wide selection of entertainment events for all ages; workshops for children, computer playrooms, numerous game shows, board game tournaments, countless movies, music and especially entertaining and original Liburnicon games such as “Star trek bowling”.

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