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Kvarners islands

Kvarners islands INFO

Krk, Rab, Losinj, Pag and Cres are the North Adriatic pearls – its traditional way of life connected to the sea will allure you to enjoy and relax in small island towns. All towns on these islands have been built on old town cores and walls that have stone island architecture. Today, you can find family villas and hotels with a long history on the islands, the most famous among which are the Losinj villas.

The island of Krk is located in the center of the Kvarner bay and can almost be regarded as a peninsula because of its connection to the mainland by the Krk bridge. A lot of people say that the island of Krk is legend and reality at the same time, a treasury of the past, the island with the most beautiful beaches, coves, seas...a wide selection of beaches, 15 of which proudly bares their Blue Flag, makes the island of Krk the most desirable destination for a family vacation in Croatia. Krk is known for its authentic vine sort and the most famous wine is Vrbnicka Zlahtina which is being processed by a large number of manufacturers and kept in legendary wine cellars. Today in Baska on the island of Krk there are many wine cellars with famous wines. Top destinations on the island of Krk are the town of Krk, Malinska, Baska and Punat...but places such as Stara Baska, Klimno or Silo and many others offer a stretch of beautiful beaches along the shore, peace and quiet, intact nature and many other things.

The island of Cres is located in the northern part of the Kvarner bay. It is connected to Losinj in Osor by a mobile bridge. The coast of the island of Cres abounds in coves and pebble beaches in its western and southern part, while the northern and the eastern parts are very awry and rocky. The unusual apparition of the sweet-water lake Vrana is one of the natural phenomenon on Cres, as well as one of the last habitats of a very rare bird – the griffon vulture. The island of Cres is also known for its lamb and quality cheese.

The island of Rab stretches in the direction of northwest-southeast, parallel with the mainland under the mountain Velebit. This island has a rich vegetation, indented coast, clear sea, impressive natural beauty and a culture of over a thousand year old. Rab is specific for its geomorphologic characteristics made of reefs and valleys. It is rich with beaches the sand of which has therapeutic effect.

The island of Losinj is the most famous sports-fishing center of the Adriatic. The most popular places on the island are Mali (Little) and Veliki (Big) Losinj. The tourist island of Losinj attracts those who want to relax far from the noise and crowd. The paths and promenades on the island lead through an interesting and fragranced scenery while the underwater filled with caves and reefs will enthrall every underwater lover.  

The island of Pag is known all around the world for its cheese and lace, as well as for the entertainment on the beaches and nightlife. The sea around it, numerous coves, summer manifestations, recreational possibilities, enjoying the authentic food and wine, as well as our hotel and private accommodation offer will show you what a relaxation on an island really means. Places Baska (Krk) and Lopar(Rab) are known for their approachable natural beaches and Novalja (Pag) is famous for its natural beaches, recreational offer and the nightlife for the young. Lubenice is a beautiful beach on the island of Cres beneath a rocky town called “Sleeping beauty’s dormant town”.


  • - The town of Krk – a town of rich history, traditional island mystery and beautiful beaches
  • - The town of Cres – small town rich with numerous historical monuments that testify about the rough and interesting past
  • - The town of Rab – is a typical medieval urban town protected with old town walls
  • - Novalja – the most important tourist center of the island of Pag with an extraordinary cultural and historical heritage as well as a rich tourist offer. The Zrce beach offers the legendary nightlife entertainment. Some of the best Croatian and possible world nightclubs are located in Novalja.



Number of sunny hours per year - 2151,8h

Average air temperatures 
- January  -   5,6 °C
- August - 22,9 °C

Maximum air temperatures
- January  - 20,0 °C 
- August  -  38,1 °C

Average sea temperatures 
- January  -  11,5 °C 
- August  -   24,5 °C
Number of hot days > 25 °C 
- May - 4
- June - 14
- July - 25
- August - 24
- September - 11


The island of Krk:

  • - Old core of the town Krk – details of today’s emblem have been found within. The Croatian emblem with a red-white chessboard on it is known all around the world because it is placed on the jerseys of Croatian footballers, skiers and sports fans.
  • - Vela placa – the main square of the island of Krk and one of the most precious sights of the whole island. During season countless manifestations are organized on the square, so it can be said that it is the center of the town’s vividness.
  • - Kosljun islans (6,5ha) in Puntarska draga is a natural reservation and a cultural monument. A valuable library, an ethnography museum and the exhibition of sacral arts are located in the St.Francis convent.

The island of Pag:

  • - Duke’s court – dates back from the 15th century. Venice dukes used to dwell there. Today you can see lots of gallery arts and exhibitions of sacral art within the walls of the court
  • - Amfora site – all underwater and antique lovers can see the remains of a merchant ship in the Vlaska bay. It used to transport amphora that were being traded in the Mediterranean
  • - Stari Bunari (Old Wells) – in the Kolanjsko field there are old wells from the roman age. The locals used to visit this place which abounds in drinkable, clear water they used in their houses.

The island of Cres:

  • - Town walls, convents and churches – Cres was protected with walls during the Middle Ages. It was ruined in the last century. The churches were built from 15-17th century.
  • - Ornithology reservation – griffon vultures, an endangered species, nest here, as well as eagles and grey hawks
  • - Valun board – has the first glagolithic inscription as well as its translation to medieval Latin on it

The island of Rab

  • - Municipium Arbae square – the Duke’s court, the former center of the duke’s administration is located on this square. The square is the center of night entertainment and of the entire island as well.
  • - St. Mary church – a parish built in a romantic style which represents monumental romantic architecture. The church choir is especially attractive with its chestnut wood aspect.
  • - Duke’s court – built in a gothic-renaissance style. It is actually a group of palaces built in different time, dominated by the high four-cornered tower with beautiful windows from the period of late gothic and renaissance.

The island of Losinj

  • - Church of Our Lady of Angels built in the early 16th century probably in 1510th. The Church in 1730. Was expanded and remodeled in the Baroque style with the new addition of the sanctuary. The tower got its current appearance with a characteristic late Baroque "bulb" at the top. The church is richly decorated and within the church inventory, a marble main altar from the 18th century has a special value, in which famous picture of late Baroque painter Francesco Fontebasso "Sv. Hildebrand, "and" St. FrancisDe Paul. " isaccentuated.
  • - Villa of the Austrian aristocracy, which discovered the island of Losinj as a health resort long ago. Most villas are situated in the bay Cikat.


In ordetr to get to know the north Croatian islands, we recommend a tour of the island's bays, places or the neighboring islands by boat and small plane panoramic tours on the islands of Cres and Losinj. Visit the Northern Velebit National Park and see the remarkable and endemic plant species on Velebit(a famous botanical garden). There is a strict nature reservation Hajducki and Rozanski kukovi, which represents a specific geomorphological phenomena in which up to now more than 150 caves have been discovered.

Do not forget to visit the National Park Plitvice Lakes, the most beautiful national park in Croatia, with 16 beautiful lakes made by the hands of nature. In search of dolphins visit the island Losinj, which has a glorious maritime tradition. In the offer of local travel agencies you will find picnic trips to smaller islands such as Plavnik, Grgur and Goli otok, and all kinds of day or half-day excursions by boat:  Fishing with excellent fishing tools, Diving, Night ride-outs for young people in the disco, cafes and cocktail bars. Visit the Opatija Riviera, the Adriatic "azure coast" with its beautiful villas from the Austro-Hungarian age or go towards the romantic Venice, Italy.


North Croatian islands of Krk, Rab, Cres, Losinj and Pag, provide many opportunities for sports enthusiasts. In many places on the islands there is a possibility of renting scooters and bicycles, of playing mini-golf, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, football. You can also enjoy a large choice of water  sports: water skiing, jet skiing, parachuting, tube carousel, a banana-lift, kneeboard, waweboard, charter boats, scooters, etc ... The island of Krk is proud of its famous Marina and is the host of many sailing competitions. Highlights: International regatta, Croatia Cup Regatta Krk, Krk sails, Sailing regatta, Dubasnica Cup ... on the islands of Krk, Rab, Losinj, Pag and Cres there are numerous diving centers. The paths for hiking and biking on the islands are very interesting.


With excellent local olive oil, Krk and Pag cheese, high-quality fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea and an aromatic lamb on the islands of Cres and Pag, North Adriatic islands boast with many original taverns and good restaurants. The menus are trying to include as many local seasonal ingredients. On the island of Krk try young lamb, wild asparagus, Krk pasta, dishes based on extra virgin olive oil or a special addition - figs! Try simmering traditional dishes such as lamb stew and sweeten it with Presnac. A good meal is accompanied with good wine from the island of Krk. Vrbnicka Žlahtina is a quality dry white wine made from indigenous varieties.

If you are staying on the island of Rab, try the minestrone, which is prepared with authentic beans loparancicm with smoked meat and sausages, stew with lamb, and Rab cake made according to the old monastery recipe. Lamb with potatoes is excellent on the island of Cres, which is known for its organic lamb because they are being fead with herbs and aromatic plants that grow near the sea.

On the island of Pag, along with many fish dishes, Pag cheese and Pag lamb definitely stand out. Try Pag traditional dishes: macaroni on the needle (pasta wound on needle), fish Saur, octopus with potatoes, Novalja brudit (fish stew) and a loaf of spinach. Be sure to sweeten it with the dessert Pag baškotin (hard rolls), which are available exclusively at St. Margarita in Pag. Complete your gastronomic delights with wines Gegic or Pag schnaps.

Fun & Nightlife

The island of Pag, Novalja in particular, is known for its entertainment for the young, and many night clubs on the beaches attract the young from Croatia and all around the world. Cres enriches its tourist offer with the organization of musical Summer festivals and carnivals in July. On the island of Krk a summer Jazz Festival is organized every year in on the island of Rab, atraditional knightly tournament of crossbowmen is organized. All islands are known for folk music (klapa). Evenings and the summer fishing festivals in the towns on the islands when preparing local food and wine.

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