Nature park Medvednica (Zagreb highlands)

Medvednica (Zagreb highlands)Medvednica (Zagreb highlands)Medvednica (Zagreb highlands)Medvednica (Zagreb highlands)Medvednica (Zagreb highlands)Medvednica (Zagreb highlands)Medvednica (Zagreb highlands)

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Medvednica is located close to the northern part of Zagreb. The highest peak of Medvednica, Sljeme, reaches 1032 m. Few European metropolis' have such a large park so accessible by car as does Zagreb, it is connected by numerous roads, buses, street cars, cable car, and for those with endurance, a hiking trail. The preserved forests of Medvednica are the main recreational area in Zagreb. Not only with walking and hiking opportunities, there are many caves that attract many visitors, Veternica being one of the largest in Croatia.

Alongside the Medvedgrad fortress, a monument to the fallen in the Croatian war for independence was erected as an altar, which is frequently visited not only by Croatians, but foreign politicians as well. The climate at Medvednica is typical for central European highlands. Snow on the tops lasts an average of 100 days a year, and is the thickest in February. During the winter months there is much more sunshine in Medvednica then there is in Zagreb or Zagorja, and it is during this time that there are the most visitors.

The first mountain hut ever built in the history of Croatian alpinism was a wooden pyramid on Medvednica, at the top of the highest peak on Sljeme in the year 1870. In 1878 the first mountain tavern was built, just below. Many other mountain and ski taverns, inns and hiking trails have been built to this day. Ski slopes are open in the winter months, which are accessible by cable car. On the slopes at Sljeme there is a traditional ski event the „Snow Queen“, which honours the best skier in the world, Janica Kostelic, who precisely on these slopes, learned how to ski.

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