Nature park Papuk (Slavonian highlands)

Papuk (Slavonian highlands)Papuk (Slavonian highlands)Papuk (Slavonian highlands)Papuk (Slavonian highlands)Papuk (Slavonian highlands)Papuk (Slavonian highlands)Papuk (Slavonian highlands)Papuk (Slavonian highlands)Papuk (Slavonian highlands)Papuk (Slavonian highlands)

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Papuk is located in the vicinity of Pozega, on the north and north-western border of the Pozegi basin. It falls under Slavonian highlands with a highest peak - Papuk of 945m. The characteristic area of the park is very beautiful with its forests and countryside. There are numerous places that are not to be missed, geological phenomenon, botanical and interesting sections, historical buildings, and archaeological sights.

Jankovac - a very well known hiking destination due to its beautiful landscapes.

Rupnica - The first geological site to become a monument in Croatia (Oct. 14 1948), where erupted volcanic rocks formed stairs and columns.

Ruzica grad - Is one of the largest middle age town-forts in Croatia, the historic town Orahovica is mentioned for the first time in history in the documents of King Andrew II in 1228.

Plis - Maliscak - Are places with very interesting flora. It is in these two areas where the most number of protected plant life abide in the park Papuk.

The nature park Papuk, is open year round for all visitors. It offers different possibilities for recreation and is the perfect place for an active holiday (mountain biking, hiking/walking through the nature in any season of the year offers a wonderful view). Any one, regardless of age, can hike through the park, as the highest peak of papuk, is less than 1000m. During the summer thermal pools and hot thermal pools are available for swimming. Winter sports lovers can enjoy themselves at the „Nevoljas“ ski slopes.

The main entrances into the park are at Vocin and Orahovica (Zagreb - Orahovica: about 200km). Ticket price for entrance into the nature park is 25 kn.

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