Nature park Zumberak - Samobor Mountains

Zumberak - Samobor  MountainsZumberak - Samobor  MountainsZumberak - Samobor  MountainsZumberak - Samobor  MountainsZumberak - Samobor  Mountains

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The Zumberak - Samobor Mountains Nature Park covers 350 km2 and is situated in the northwest of the Republic of Croatia, 30 km southwest from Zagreb. The park got its name from the old village of Zumberak (burned down in 1793; remains are located a bit above the new same-named village). Zumberak is mainly hilly-mountainous, entirely rural area without any urban settlements. The central part of Zumberak, Kraska plain, is characterised by many clearings, deeply incised valleys, sinking rivers and caves.

The geological formations make the park so special. The oldest cliffs date back to the Palaeozoic age, apropos more than 250 million years ago. Archaeological excavations have revealed evidence that the park area had been inhabited since the stone ages to today. The oldest maintained architectural heritage is dated back to the 13 century.

The park is rich with plant and animal species. Many large predators such as bears (Ursus arctos) and wolves (Canis lupus) inhabit the park. The park also is inhabited by jastreb kokosar engl. Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis), is important to mention, as the town of Jastrebarsko was named after the bird.

There are no larger settlements in the park; only villages up to a height of 800 m above sea level exist. With a rich cultural heritage, the park offers many activities for recreation; such as hiking, walking, hunting and fishing are the main activities at Zumberak Park. The park also offers domestic cuisine, fish and game specialities and the authentic Plesvicko wine.

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