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Prvic Luka - island Prvic

Tourist destination info Prvic Luka - island Prvic

Prvic Luka is a small place located on the island of Prvic. This island belongs to the group of islands nearest to the mainland, only half a mile away from the coast. The population has long been involved in fishing, viticulture and olive growing. Gastronomy enthusiasts can savor the delicacies of this island in the restaurants „Punta“ ans „Val“, as well as in the tavern „Nanini“.

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Šibenik is the oldest self-settled city on the Adriatic and is located at the mouth of the river Krka. Get acquainted with the history of this city by visiting its many museums, galleries and historical monuments. Of its historical monuments we recommend you visit the fortresses of St. Michael, St. Nicholas, St. John and Šubičevac, the Cathedral of St. Jacob, St. Francis church, St. Dominic’s church, Four Wells and others. Of its museums and galleries we recommend you visit the Šibenik City Museum, AG Gallery, St. Krševan Gallery, Madrigal. During the summertime, Šibenik hosts various festivals such as the International Children’s Festival, Šibenik Evening, Evenings of Dalmatian Chansons, Organ Summer School and Šibenik Cultural Summer.

Vodice is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatis. It is a city which takes pride in its tradition and old age and is located along the coast in a wide bay. The city is winner of the “Touris flower” award given to cities with an especially attractive tourism offer. The city is home to one of the most popular night clubs on the Adriatic, the Hacienda. It is rich with cultural monuments, of which we recommend the following: Karmel church (located on the Okit hill), Čorić tower, St. Elijah church, church of the Holy Cross and the parish church of the Holy Cross with its bell tower. Sports and recreation lovers can enjoy beach volleyball, soccer, basketball, cycling, scuba diving, sea fitness, rental of floaters, kayaks or speedboats and many other activities.

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    * prices for June 2024 based on the maximum capacity for a minimum stay of 7 days

    • Prvic Sepurine,
    • Persons: 2-4
    • Guests rating: 4.9
    • Prvic Sepurine,
    • Persons: 1-3
    • Guests rating: 4.5
    • Prvic Sepurine,
    • Persons: 2-4

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