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Tisno is a small urban town with beautiful stone houses, churches, as well as historical and cultural sites. This town is also referred to as the little big town. The ancestors of the today’s Tisno population came to the island of Murter, inhabited the north-eastern part of the island, so the town was named after the small bay over which the population settled. Tisno is specific because of the bridge which connects its island part to the mainlans. The locals have long been involved in agriculture, particularly olive and vine growing. The tourism started to develop in Tisno in the early 20th century. The first tourists came in 1923, from Czech Republic. 

Tisno is famous for its numerous historical sites which testify about its long and turbulent past. Visit the church of St. Martin (romantic building from the end of the 11th century), remains of a villa rustica from the 2/3rd century, remains of the aisled basilica from the middle of the 5th century, traces of medieval tombs, parish church of the Holy Ghost (the oldest church in Tisno, built in 1548, with the statue of the Madonna with the baby – unique in Europe because it is a one of a kind statue, coated with silver and gold), St. Roko church (built in 1651, a votive church to the protector from the plague), St. Andrija church (located on an eponymous hill, built in 1606), sanctuary of Our Lady of Karavaja (the history states that one of the ancestors of the Gelpi family brought an old image of the Madonna, carved in wood in the surroundings of Bergamo (Italy). The image bares an inscription “A very valuable image with some miracles off the Blessed Virgin Mary of Karavaja, where she appeared on May 26 1432 and made the source of grace boil”). Rich families from Italy used to come to Tisno and, over the course of time, they mixed with the domestic population. Eleven villas remained from that period, available for tourists, the most popular are : the Gelpi family house (18th century), the Banchetti family house (18th century), the Denari family house (19th century), the Katunaric palace (19th century) and the Mazzura palace.

Tisno organizes numerous festivities all year round, as well as any other Dalmatian place. Some of the more popular manifestations are: Easter breakfast ( an open-air breakfast is organized on the Easter morning for the first spring tourists and the locals, Eco action – Earth Day – at the end of April (cleaning up the environment – the land as well as the sea), Floral fair – beginning of May, Eco-ethno fair and folklore nights – end of May (this little fair offers the possibility of buying authentic products of the Tisno  wide area), Our Lady of Karavaja on May 26 ( a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Karavaja), Games on “korent”, end of July (fun-sport spectacle which takes place in a bay near the mobile bridge). Two teams of competitors, one of which is the team “Land” – made of competitors who live on the land – and the other is the tem “Island” – made of those living on the island, compete in different games which require resourcefulness, speed and strength in the sea), “International donkey race” in Tisno – beginning of August and countless other festivities.

Tisno is famous for its beautiful pebble and sandy beaches, as well, such as the “Lazina” beach”, “St. Andrija” beach, the Rastovac beach and many other. Sports and active vacation fans can enjoy cycling, roller skating, walking, sailing, tennis, table tennis, soccer, basketball, beach volleyball, jet-ski, as well as numerous other land and water sports. If you would like to get acquainted with the gastronomy of this region and savor the countless Tisno specialties, visit the restaurants “Prova”, “Feral”, “Antonio”, as well as the taverns “Broscica” and “Tereza”.

Be sure to visit:

Šibenik is the oldest self-settled city on the Adriatic and is located at the mouth of the river Krka. Get acquainted with the history of this city by visiting its many museums, galleries and historical monuments. Of its historical monuments we recommend you visit the fortresses of St. Michael, St. Nicholas, St. John and Šubičevac, the Cathedral of St. Jacob, St. Francis church, St. Dominic’s church, Four Wells and others. Of its museums and galleries we recommend you visit the Šibenik City Museum, AG Gallery, St. Krševan Gallery, Madrigal. During the summertime, Šibenik hosts various festivals such as the International Children’s Festival, Šibenik Evening, Evenings of Dalmatian Chansons, Organ Summer School and Šibenik Cultural Summer.

Vodice is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatis. It is a city which takes pride in its tradition and old age and is located along the coast in a wide bay. The city is winner of the “Touris flower” award given to cities with a specially attractive tourism offer. The city is home to one of the most popular night clubs on the Adriatic, the Hacienda. It is rich with cultural monuments, of which we recommend the following: Karmel church (located on the Okit hill), Čorić tower, St. Elijah church, church of the Holy Cross and the parish church of the Holy Cross with its bell tower. Sports and recreation lovers can enjoy beach volleyball, soccer, basketball, cycling, scuba diving, sea fitness, rental of floaters, kayaks or speedboats and many other activities.

Zadar is a city with an extraordinary history and extremely valuable cultural heritage, located in the heart of the Adriatic. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and is said to be a real treasury of archaeological and monumental treasure of all periods. It is most known for the following historical monuments: Church of the Holy Ghost, Cathedral of St. Stošije, St. Šime church, St. Mary’s church and monastery, St. Frane church and monastery, city walls, fortresses and gates, church of St Krševan and many others. The city attracts more and more tourists each year due to its various attractions.

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    • Excellent 5
      Alison Roper
      Couple United Kingdom
      Amato tisno, sarà sicuramente
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      Group of friends United Kingdom
      Will definitely return!
      The atmosphere of the area and how it wasn''t overly touristy even though there was a large number of British people there. I also really appreciated the help we received from the workers in the supermarket whenever we couldn''t find what we were looking for, even if their English wasn''t fluent they still helped us the best they could.
    • Fabulous 4
      Fiona Marchant
      Group of friends United Kingdom
      Miss Fiona Marchant
      Was a great apartment, people where soooo friendly and great out side space. Great short tearm appartment was great but the only thing is no sofa for chilling. Little thing I know. Really enjoyed are stay xx

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