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Trogir is a town situated on the Kaštela Bay coast between the island of Čiovo and the mainland. This is a historic town in the truest sense of the word. Rich in cultural and historical monuments, authentic architecture and beautiful streets are the reason it is called "Little Venice" and added to the UNESCO list of world heritage. Trogir offers you the opportunity to explore its richly layered heritage: the northern gate, Garagnin (City Museum), the main town square (city hall, the Rector's Palace, the church of St. John the Baptist, the church of St. Sebastian), Radovan's portal, the Ćipiko place, the cathedral of St. Lawrence, a monastery and church of St. Dominic and many other cultural monuments. The old town center lies on an island situated between the island of Čiovo and the mainland: it is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge and to the island of Čiovo by a drawbridge. Trogir is surrounded by lush green vegetation, the islands and rocky and sandy beaches of which the most famous are the Pantan beach, the Okrug beach (Okrug) & the Coffee beach (Slatina). Sports lovers can try their hand at tennis, bowling, surfing and diving school. Fishing nights, folklore performances and concerts of classical music are organized during the summer. The town has its own marina, Marina ACI Trogir, which has 200 berths and 80 boat places on land.

Did you know? Trogir is named after the goats. Tragos is a Greek word for goat. When the Greeks arrived in the 3rd and 4th century they saw a herd of goats on the hills surrounding the town and so the name Tragos remained.

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City gates and walls: a great part of the wall remains on the coastal side of Trogir, along with two towers dating from the 13th century. Between the two towers is a door leading to the sea coast and it is assumed that they are the work of Trifun Bokanić. Next to the doors is the lodge – porch, used today as a souvenir market, built in the early 16th century. The north gate was built around the year1656 in the Baroque style. Perched above the door is a Gothic statue from the 15th century, which depicts the patron saint of Trogir, the blessed bishop John.

Ćipiko palace: there are two Ćipiko palaces, a large and a small, which were created by linking several Romanesque buildings. The facade of the larger palace is decorated with a  Gothic triforium window, the work of Andrija Aleši and a door carved by John Duknović.

Cathedral of St. Lawrence: This is a building which mixes the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. It contains valuable works of art such as: the lobby and the baptistery from the 15th century, Radovan's portal from the year 1240, the bell tower (a mixture of Gothic and mannerism), the chapel of Blessed John and carved wooden choir stalls from the 15th century and the sacristy of the cathedral-treasury.

Garagnin - Fanfogna Palace/ Town Museum: a mix of Romanesque to Baroque styles. Once a residential-economic complex, today it houses a Garagnin – Fanfogna library from the 18/19 century, a Lapidary (a collection of stone fragments and sculptures from Antiquity to the Baroque) and a photo gallery Cate Dujšin - Ribar.

Main square: there are many historical landmarks in this square, such as the City Hall (Dukes Palace), St. John the Baptist’s church, St. Mary’s church, church of St. Sebastian and church of St. Barbara (St. Martin).


Trogir Cultural Summer – various events take place throughout the summer: musical evenings (classical music concerts and performances by entertainers from the country and abroad, chamber music), folklore theatrical staging events in the authentic atmosphere of the old town, folk festivals: Fishermen's Night, Day of Trogir, exhibitions of local and foreign artists inside the Modern Art Gallery.

"Trogir Summer" opening ceremony - the opening ceremony of the Trogir Cultural Summer (Trogir’s largest cultural event)

Trogir night fishing - fishing festival held as part of the Trogir Cultural Summer. With fish and wine, olive oil and bread, good music and great rhythms, fun is guaranteed for everyone.

International festival of opera tenor days in Trogir - International Tenor Competition

Days of vintage from Trogir - renewal of the old winemaking customs, including the most beautiful legs competition (music by Trogir klape)

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Adriagate has an open office in Trogir which is available to our guests. Book accommodation in this destination and you are entitled to free gifts and extra discounts.

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    • Excellent 5
      Family Lithuania
      Good for holidays for four persons
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      Couple Romania
      The city needs to take care of the comunal work, no garbage bins thruouth the city. Garbage dissposal not possible.
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      Family Slovenia
      zelo lepo, zmerne cene. Priporočam

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